Let me introduce you to eXp Realty.

In the 30 min video below my friends, Kevin & Fred explain in-depth how the eXp business model works.

What you get when you partner with us at eXp Realty:

✔️ Unlimited access to BMP Network support team (via cell phone) for anything you need - seriously, we are your business partners

✔️ Unlimited access to our scripts forum, and video script training via the BMP Network intranet. Our scripts forum has all the objection handlers, new lead scripts, buyer scripts, sellers scripts and more! Our video script training includes 80+ videos of searchable scripts for all categories.

✔️ Access to all BMP Training Events in person, on zoom video conference and a copy of the recording (when applicable).

✔️ Free landing pages! Built for you similar to the one you are currently on to help you capture leads for buyers, sellers & recruiting to your team. These landing pages can have auto email and/or text follow-up campaigns added as well as auto redirects to a website of your choice.

✔️ Done for you buyer and seller presentations. Receive a copy of our team's presentations that we have used to sell 3,000+ homes!

✔️ Ongoing Education on pricing listings, pricing offers, negotiating, mindset, sales, scripts, hiring and retaining talented people in your business,

✔️ BMP Reminder System to schedule text and/or email reminders for any of your tasks, appointments, & follow up reminders. Schedule for you and/or for someone else.

✔️ Weekly Script Practice. Roleplay with our team to master your craft! We practice on Zoom video conference weekly.

✔️ Social Media Training. Multiple categories on how to use Facebook & Instagram for business! Step by step instructions, video walkthroughs, and more!

✔️ 1 on 1 Training Sessions can be scheduled via the BMP Network. Currently over 20 categories to choose from!

✔️ Our proven Follow Up Emails. Access a list of our proven follow up emails used to create conversations with leads.

✔️ Social Media DM scripts. Copy and paste our Direct Message scripts via the BMP Intranet.

✔️ Our Follow Up Plan. What we do exactly to convert leads through a serviced based aggressiveness follow up approach.

✔️ Goal Setting! Set goals like the pros do! Use our proven goal-setting method to crush your sales goals year after year!

✔️ Our Collaboration Groups! My favorite part of Team BMP is the people we have surrounded ourselves with and the collaboration groups we have created. We include you in all forms of team collaboration!

You get ALL of this and it costs you nothing!


This allows you to grow your business your way, with your resources combined with our support and partnership!


Who is "Team BMP" for? This partnership is for:

⚪ Single Agents
⚪ Real Estate Teams
⚪ Agents building a team
⚪ Real Estate Brokers
⚪ Existing Broker Owners
⚪ Franchise Owners



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