Become a BMP Network Agent Member/Partner

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Becoming a BMP Network Agent Member/Partner

Team Model Explained:

Our team business model is designed to empower agents who are building a business using our platform & leverage, agents who desire to stay motivated through culture & accountability of peers and live a prosperous life for generations.

Our staff, combined with the systems, tools, and resources paid for and provided by BMP Network not only remove the risk for the agent partner to find leads, convert leads, and conduct business for life. It also provides a much larger and more consistent business model through the compound of all our partners working together.

Our team model consists of 4 main categories which include:

✔️ Marketing
✔️ Support
✔️ Sales Training
✔️ Technology

Our team is unique in the fact that all of our agents are considered "Partners" in BMP Network and are treated equally from the start of our partnership as a team. All of our partners are "Sales Agents" meaning we all have the ability to work a complete real estate business working with buyers and sellers. No one is limited to being a buyers agent only, etc.


All BMP Network Agent Partners will start as a "New Agent" no matter their experience on the team. As a new agent, our staff will spend more 1 on 1 time with you for guidance, training, coaching, and mentorship. All partners are considered a "New Agent until they have closed 20 sales on BMP Network using our systems and support. The team split on these first 20 sales is 50/50 of the gross commission.


After successfully closing 20 sales on BMP Network the Agent Partner will become what we consider an "Experienced Agent" partner on the team.

This awards you with two things:

1) 60/40 team split of the gross commission. This gives the agent partner an additional 10% on all sales for the remainder of their career with BMP Network.

2) Team Leader / Mentor Opportunity is now available to the agent partner.
- Grow your own team within BMP Network. Bring a new agent into BMP Network as one of your team members, mentor them daily while using the BMP Network platform and receive a bonus from BMP Network on their closings equal to 10% of the sales agents gross commission received.

By joining BMP Network & eXp Realty we bring you the opportunity to receive 4 sources of income at little to no risk when compared to recreating the wheel.

✔️ Personal Production
✔️ Mentor / TL Override
✔️ Revenue Share
✔️ Equity Opportunity

BMP Network Organizational Chart:




BMP Mentorship Program

Are you determined to work alone?
Are you determined to start your own team similar to BMP Network?

This is for YOU!

BMP Network Mentorship (temporary team member)

Join BMP Network to learn the "ropes" or to develop new business skills and ideas that may help your current real estate business skyrocket. Under our Mentorship Option, you will commit to joining BMP Network for 5 closings of your personal production under our normal team "Agent Member/Partnership Agreement" terms. After 5 of your personal production closings, you will transition as a single agent under eXp Realty and participate in the "Team BMP" partnership.
All team resources are available during the mentorship.
After 5 closings the team resources are limited to the "Team BMP" partnership outlined on the previous page.

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